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All batteries must be charged with an appropriate charger that does NOT exceed 14 volts of charging voltage.  Most chargers are appropriate that work on lead acid batteries and that are generally sold at most retail stores. Most are called “smart” or “automatic” chargers and will work fine. To be certain, measure and monitor the charger and battery to be certain that 13.5 volts are the maximum volts delivered to the battery. It is virtually impossible to charge batteries with excessive amperage, as those types of chargers cost many hundreds of dollars and have special instructions, settings, and features to prevent damage. Broken alternators or charging outside of stated limits can result in battery damage that is NOT covered in this warranty, excessive heat, melting, fire, damage and possible injury.

Trickle chargers, maintenance chargers, battery tenders, battery minders, etc. should not be left connected for more than two hours (or less if suggested by charger manufacturer). Continuous charging is seldom necessary unless you have continuous battery drain or allow long months between use of vehicle. Abusive charging will void warranty.

ALL NEW PACKS SHOULD be checked before use.  That means check polarity and voltage before hooking up to your charger or electronics.  We do our best to insure all batteries leave correctly but let’s put safety first. 

All returns must include a note that states the exact reason for return.   Reconfigurations or repairs from your own damage do not qualify for shipping refunds of any type.

Unless otherwise stated, customer is entitled to a replacement or refund within 30 days from ship date if the pack fails to perform properly or is defective.  Delivered merchandise that is broken in shipment must be refused at time of delivery. After acceptance of delivery, Seller is released from broken merchandise warranty. Recourse for broken merchandise is solely with shipping agent after acceptance of delivery.

Custom Pack Returns
If you return a pack that you had us custom build please be aware that there is a 30% restock fee.  Please understand that once cells are welded and glued for you, it makes it very difficult for us to resell them.  So please be sure that you know what you are ordering when you order CUSTOM PACKS.  We do not stock custom packs and only build them when ordered. So returning a pack requires us to sit on them until they sell. If you are not sure of specifications or fitment of a custom battery pack, DO NOT BUY IT.

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Battery Product Warranty, Limitations, Exclusions, and Procedures

We pride ourselves in offering the best products with the best warranty.  We treat everyone as if we were the customers instead of the sellers. We want performance, fairness, and honesty.

The good news:

We warrantee all battery packs for 100,000 miles,

or 5 years, whichever comes first on a pro-rata basis.

We pro-rate at twenty percent per year (or any portion thereof) based upon original purchase price to original purchaser. This means that dealer warrantees will be handled by us only to supplied dealer, while warrantees to users will be honored by dealers. Exceptions to this are dealers that are no longer in business, or are no longer dealers, whereby we will warrantee directly to user. In addition to the above, we offer a 30 day performance guarantee on all of our products.  If product fails due to any defect, we will replace at no charge.  A completed registration form from user must be accepted by seller and a RMA form approved by seller prior to validation of warranty. A simple direct user contact support session will be conducted and reviewed before RMA is authorized and replacement is issued.  Registration and support may be completed by fax, email, or on the internet. Acceptance by Seller will be sent by email. Please retain for your records.

Warranty is void if a pack has external damage, has been disassembled, altered, painted, labels covered, labels removed, seals broken, direct shorted, damaged by high voltage in any way, or appears to have been used outside the scope of its intended use. We do not warranty stacked packs (in series or parallel), connectors, controllers, music or sound equipment, or other electronics. 

Refunds/Returns Click here for RMA form to include on all returns.

Seller will issue a refund for returned shipping only if the return is due to product malfunction under the above warranty period. The return shipping method must be UPS ground or USPS Priority with tracking. Any expedited services that are not covered are at the customers own expense.

Customer will contact us before shipping any product back to get authorization. Returns sent to us with no explanation or prior authorization may not receive a refund or be sent back. It is very important that you contact us via email with your problem first. At the very least, include a detailed explanation of the problem in with your return. If approved by email from Seller, simply include a printout of that email with your return. Again, failure to include this information may result in product loss and/or no refund.

Seller is not responsible for any other items, chargers, tools, gauges, losses or injury that may occur involving our products express or implied.  Customer assumes all risks when using our batteries.  Customer should supervise the use, discharge and recharge of their battery.  Batteries that have been recently used, crashed, charged, or are in use should not be left near flammable objects and should be handled in a safe manner.  Before any battery pack is installed it is advised that the customer measures voltage, connectors, and state of charge.  Look for loose connections. Confirm polarity and voltage of the pack before each use (especially on new packs).  All packs should be charged before use.  Please conform to recommended use characteristics. This will also help avoid problems.

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